African Food

African food

The National Dish of Gabon, Angola, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo is poulet nyembwe. This spicy chicken is cooked in a palm butter sauce. The sauce is made from the red ripe fruit of the African oil palm and seasoned with onions. The dish is commonly served with plantain or fufu. Read on to discover the best dishes from this region of Africa. You will definitely fall in love with African food!


Cachupa is a traditional dish from Cape Verde, an island in West Africa. This stew-like dish is made from a blend of West African and Portuguese influences. Its ingredients are typically inexpensive and come in a variety of different flavors. As more West African foods make their way to America, cachupa is catching on as a popular option for millennials looking for a unique and flavorful meal. Cachupa is easily adaptable to vegetarian or vegan diets and can be made to suit specific tastes.

Jollof rice

If you’re looking for an authentic African dish that’s vegan, consider jollof rice. Whether you’re into the vegetarian diet or meat and potatoes, this dish can be made vegetarian by replacing the animal proteins with vegetables. The rice is best served freshly steamed, but it can be cooked for longer if you prefer. Cooking time varies based on the type of rice. In general, jollof rice takes between 30 minutes and two hours.


The African staple dish Nsima can be eaten at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Many people have it for all three meals. Typically, it is eaten with bare hands. The flour used in Nsima can be made from cassava, corn, sorghum, or millet. In the traditional way of making it, the host will pour water from a jug over the guests and elders. The youngest person is left out and the oldest is first to wash. The elders, who have the highest ranking, will wash after the meal.


Ndiwo is a staple food of Eastern Zambia and Malawi. It is served with rice, beans, and nshima, a stew made from domestic or wild meat. In the poorer areas of the country, a poor woman might serve the same relish for two days straight. Such a woman is likely to suffer from kutinkha, which is the condition of eating the same relish for more than four consecutive days.

Nsima is a staple food in neighboring Zambia

While ugali is the national food of Kenya, Zambians eat nshima. This cornmeal dish is served in lumps and eaten with the hands. Nshima is similar to the popular East African staples such as ugali, posho, and sadza. Zambians serve it with meats and vegetables, and it is traditionally eaten with the fingers.

Ndiwo is a relish made of pumpkin or cassava leaves, tomatoes and groundnut powder

The most common dishes are nsima and chambo, fried or fresh fish. Both are served with the accompaniment of nsima, a dish similar to South Africa’s pap. Another staple dish is ndiwo, a relish made from pumpkin or cassava leaves, tomatoes and groundnut powder.

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