linen tops

A linen top is an excellent option for a hot summer day. The material is lightweight and breathable. It is also suitable for a variety of occasions. You can pair it with your favorite bottoms for a chic look. Whether you are heading to a beach or a business conference, there is a linen tops | WISC that will suit you.

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To make linen more versatile, designers often mix it with cotton, rayon, polyester, or viscose. Blending linen with other fabrics can make the fabric softer and less prone to wrinkles, while maintaining its breathability. If you’re looking for a top that will keep you cool, consider a lightweight top with a sleeveless design.

For women, linen shirts have become an excellent option. Unlike their traditional scratchy fabric, they are easy to wear, are breathable, and can be worn with denim, cotton, or shorts. Linen is also cool to the touch, making it the perfect summer staple. You can also iron it damp for a smarter look, or wear it with charming crumples.

Care for a linen top is easy, too. Most are machine-washable, but if they get dirty, you can hand-wash them and hang them to dry. This fabric is known to shrink a little bit when washed, so it’s best to size up for the first wash.

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