pest control sydney

In a city such as Sydney, the threat of pest infestation has become a major concern. These little creatures can cause a variety of problems and may cause health risks if left untreated. Luckily, pest control Sydney services are highly trained and use modern technologies to eliminate pests effectively and safely.


Cockroaches are common in Sydney, and there are at least six different species. These include the American, Brown Banded, Oriental, and German cockroaches. In addition, rats and mice can be a common problem in densely populated areas. These creatures often live in homes and seek shelter from the cold weather.

During the summer, pests are more active as the temperature increases. They can infest the inside and outside of your home. While some of them are active throughout the year, the hot weather and humidity encourage reproduction. During the summer, fly infestations are particularly annoying. Fly screens and insecticides can help control these pests.

While pest activity is generally quieter in the warmer parts of Australia, it doesn’t mean that it stops. In fact, many pests hibernate in the colder areas of Australia. Even in winter, cockroaches, ants, bedbugs, and rodents will still find shelter in homes in New South Wales.

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