If you want to work as a private investigator in south carolina, you will need a license. In order to obtain one, you must be at least 18 years old and submit to a criminal background check.

How does a PI track someone?

The licensing process is handled by the South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division (SLED). You can apply for your license online. SLED officials will assess your skills, experience and duties relating to the private investigation industry.

To qualify for a license, you must show proof of work experience. This can be in the form of a graduate degree, an associates degree, or a year of experience as a police officer.

There are several laws and regulations relating to the licensing of private investigators in South Carolina. A licensee is required to submit 12 hours of continuing education credit each renewal period. Continuing education may be completed at home or through a local bar association, law enforcement conference or online.

In addition to this, the state requires a $10,000 surety bond. When a licensed investigator is terminated from employment, a notice of termination must be filed with SLED within ten days.

Private investigators are also required to complete a written report within a reasonable timeframe. During the course of an investigation, a PI will conduct interviews and gather information. After the investigation is completed, a final written report is provided to the client.

The South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division has a web site that contains all the laws and regulations pertaining to private investigators. It is also possible to find a listing of licensed professional investigators on this website.

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