Despite its early stage, Thailand’s gaming industry is steadily growing. The market is expected to reach over $2 billion by 2025. In addition, the Thai government has stepped up its support for the industry. In recent years, Thai gaming companies have received significant funding.

Is gaming big in Japan?

Thai เว็บสล็อตออนไลน์แจ็คพอทที่ยอดนิยมสูงสุดของไทย has become one of the most popular leisure activities in Thailand. It is estimated that there are 28 million gamers in Thailand. Most of these gamers are interested in online gaming. There are also many professional gamers who earn a good amount of money from playing video games.

The Thai government has established the Digital Economy Promotion Agency to promote digital growth in the country. The agency is responsible for five main areas. These include the development of games and e-sports, the study of electronic games and e-sports, big data analytics, animation and data analytics.

One of the most popular games in Thailand is Candy Crush. This game is particularly popular among women. Other popular games in the country include Timelie, Fallen Knight and Project Nimbus.

Most gamers in Thailand are mobile device users. Despite the fact that PC and console gaming is still popular, many gamers are shifting their focus to mobile play. This is because the high hardware costs of PC games force gamers to switch to mobile play.

Another interesting fact is that the number of mobile e-sports platforms in Thailand is on the rise. In addition, two cloud gaming services are scheduled to launch in Thailand in 2020.

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